Hi guys,

This is Akimoto and… Yeah…

I’ve suddenly started to write in English. If you wonder why, I invite you to read my little story…

I want to learn English so much and I saw I have some international subscribers on my YouTube channel, a lot of international followers on my Instagram account and a few on my Facebook page so I’ve decided to start writing some articles in English (or both languages, why not?! I have to think about it) and here it is… My first post in English.

Last week I had to take a head and cervical spine MRI because I have to follow up a medical condition I have and I was so anxious… I knew I had this medical condition since October 2015, but when you are in the middle of action in hospital (I’m a radiographer, you know?) when you find out you have a medical condition (I think that is what I have) you probably think too much and become anxious and depressed and…. But you know… 90% of cases aren’t that bad that you think. But… Sometimes… Knowing too much things isn’t that good… :))

So today I want to write something about anxiety… First of all, ANXIETY is characterised by a deep feeling of insecurity and restlessness about a potential danger. In other words you feel worried, but you don’t know why. But different people feel anxiety in different ways. For some people anxiety is the fear of failure, for others anxiety is the fear of losing someone, for others anxiety is just a bad feeling of being alone or they might feel they aren’t loved… I’ve been here myself and I know how it is… And I met so many people who “suffered” from anxiety… And I tell you ANXIETY has too many forms/types.

I like to say “time is the best doctor!” but if you don’t want to start treating yourself, the physician won’t force you. You understand what I’m saying? If you want to healing yourself you have to do something for you… You need to let someone to help you… A doctor, a family member, a friend… Time itself… I mean you have to want to be cured, you know? If you gave deep into dark feelings and you don’t let someone to help you or even get close to you, you will never make a step forward to be healthy again.

I’ve met a lot of people who are “part” of LGBT community and suffering from anxiety… They are afraid to express their true feelings because of how others might react… And family… And close friends… At least.. In Romania. They always live with that fear. And they are afraid they never be loved… And they’ll never have a family etc… And they become introvert and anxiety takes control over their whole life.

I’ve also met a lot of people, at work, who are sick and suffer from anxiety… Whether they have cancer or they have a fractured finger they suffer from some sort of anxiety… They are afraid to what kind of impact will that disease have on their lives.

There are some people who have pets (eg. a dog or a cat) and they’ll age up and at some point they are going to pass away. This is called ANXIETY (for owners)…

And the examples can continue indefinitely…

What I’m trying to say is We choose to suffer a lot from anxiety… Because it is anywhere and almost everyone suffers from anxiety. But you have to stay strong… You have to resign yourself… You have to do what you like… You have to focus on yourself… You have hobbies… Read! Take photos… Or draw portraits! Go out with your friends! Make origami! Meditate! Pray! Write things! Paint! Sing! Play the piano! Travel! (…) anything is well instead of dark feelings!

Live YOUR life! not others! Be happy with yourself! Enjoy your life! You are beautiful! You have such beautiful eyes! You are unique! You are the best! You deserve to live a beautiful life! And that life starts now with a smile!

Smile and get ready for wonderful things! :* eHug

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